Empire Row Tailgate in AZ

Phoenix, AZ – The Empire Row Tailgate crew made their first trip outside of Levis Stadium this past weekend for the 49er’s vs Cardinals game in Arizona. The game obviously did not go as was expected but any 49er fan who attended the Empire Row Tailgate came away with smiles from a memorable tailgate experience.

Empire Row member Auggie Perez and his Mine 49 bar setup which was hauled down from the bay was up and ready to go early.

AZ Road trip EMpire Row_Auggie_Mine49_setup_f_w

The EPT Chapter also joined in coming in all the way from El Paso, Texas. As fans started showing up this Niner Party was just getting started.

AZ Road trip Empire Row_EPT_w

AZ Road trip EMpire Row_dancing_w

Empire Row Road Trip organizers Antonio Arevalo of The Red Zone Tailgate and Denise Niner of TNE Organization doing this for the fan base.

AZ Road trip EMpire Row_tone_denise_w

Empire Row’s own Abel Rueda of FFF aka Forty Niner Faithful Forum getting down on the grill

AZ Road trip Empire Row_EPT_Abel_Q'ing_b_w

AZ Road trip Empire Row_EPT_Q'ing_w

Pete Chavez of EPT brought their Texas Tub with them.

AZ Road trip EMpire Row_Texas Tub_w

Auggie Perez, Antonio Arevalo and Denise Niner with Gary Fowler and his Saloon Squad from the West LA Chapter, along with Switzerland Chapter founder Lionel who flew in for the game.

AZ Road trip EMpire Row_swtz_saloon_n_group_w

Rhino with ladies of the Empire

AZ Road trip EMpire Row_rhino_ladies_w

All the way from Chihuahua, Mexico joined the party

AZ Road trip EMpire Row_mexicofans_b_w

The ladies were definitely representing


AZ Road trip EMpire Row_ladies_denise_w

AZ Road trip EMpire Row_ladies_w




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