Empire and Nation Event at Jacks


49er and Raider fans come together in prayer for the Philippines

Fremont, CA – KRON 4 NEWS came in to cover this monumental event where The Niner Empire and Raider Nation who otherwise have been bitter football rivals put their rivalry aside and came together for a real cause for humanity and the world we live in. The event was organized by Jay Esperanza who is the President of the Bay Area Core Chapter of The Niner Empire and Randy Garcia to help bring footballs fans together to make their difference in this large scale catastrophe.

Jay Esperanza, President of Bay Area Core Chapter on KRON TV
Jay Esperanza on KRON TV
The Niner Empire’s Jay Esperanza and Robert Garcia President of the 408 Chapter hanging with Nation members and event co-organizer Randy Garcia(far right)


Empire and Nation enjoying their Sunday at Jack's Brewery
Empire and Nation enjoying their Sunday at Jack’s Brewery

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