David “Heat” Canales

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San Francisco, CA. – When you’re a Diehard 49er faithful who just happens to be born into a Super Bowl season, it doesn’t matter what career path might be. The one thing there is no doubt about is that YOU are destined to bring HEAT just like your favorite team!

Recording artist David Canales aka “HEAT” exemplifies exactly that. A proud season ticket holder and native San Franciscan, David was born into the Super Bowl season of 1984 and has been attending games at Candlestick Park since 1987.

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Having been present for countless great moments in 49ers history, David brings his unique perspective and delivers it through his art as a songwriter and the power of music. His genuine passion and respect for the greatest football franchise in history is evident throughout his songs and expressed in a way that will give any true 49er fan chills as he takes you back to those great moments and plays of seasons past.

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David “HEAT” Canales is a new brand of storyteller who encapsulates our 49er history into memorable recordings that will even be enjoyed by the next generations of fans. Heat’s popular hits “Die-Hard” and “Home (Farewell to Candlestick)” have accumulated hundreds of thousands of views and downloads, and have received rave reviews from Faithful fans worldwide.  With unquestionable authenticity, Heat delivers powerful anthems that capture the history and culture that embodies the Niner Empire spirit. Lucky for us Faithful, he’s only getting started.

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