Danny Gregory – Super Fan


Danny_n_Brittany_GregoryBerlin Center, Ohio – I became a 49er fan in 1992 I was 9 years old, after an older cousin lived with us for a brief time he was the 49er fan that inspired me. Looking at his posters of Joe Montana which now hang in my 49er room I simply fell in love with the greatest franchise in NFL history. For the last 22 years I have been collecting 49er memorabilia and watching games. My 49er room consists of over 70 autographs and game used memorabilia and anything I could get my hands on or my wife and I could make.

After a very hard loss at the super bowl last year I tattooed a simple 49er helmet inside my left bicep to show that I am a fan for life, not just thru a good season. Danny_Gregory_Tatt_cropWhen I’m not able to attend a game with my wife Brittney which we try to do once a year, we are watching with our children on t.v. with our radio ready to blast when we score and jerseys on. We have traveled from Ohio to attend several games over the years none more exciting than a 2009 game at “The Stick” when we won 35-0 vs. the Rams seeing a childhood dream come true. So I look forward to many more seasons of watching that red and gold helmet and cheering with all of the other great 49er fans.







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