Philly Native but 49er Faithful!!!

Bobby_Sherry_09-22-13Bobby Sherry
Scranton, PA

I’ve been a Niner since the late ’80s thanks to my best friend growing up liking the team and getting me hooked into football and the Niners. As a young kid we only knew success but as true fans stayed Faithful thru all the dark years. Watched every game thanks to DirectTV and go all the way out each weekend hanging flags, banners, etc. outside.

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Michele and Montana


Michele McGauvran was born in Michigan and followed the Wolverines. Her favorite game was the Michigan vs Notre Dame game. When she saw Joe Montana play she was very intrigued. Michele made a pact that when Montana went into the draft, whichever team took him would be the team she would follow. “The Lions were not very good, so I was willing to go where Joe went”, she says. When Montana was drafted in 1979 Michele was in high school and followed him to the NINERs. She has never looked back. Even though Joe went to Kansas City, Michele stayed a NINER fan forever.

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In the presence of GREATNESS


Gary Grosjean – In the presence of GREATNESS, this was training camp in Rocklin Ca. I was so fortunate to have met him several times. What a great guy and a Master at coaching. You are Missed Bill, how about ring # 6 this year in honor of him.

Montana and Clark

Bernett Family

Brent Bernett was in college on the day of the NFC Championship Game in 1982 when he watched the game winning Joe Montana to Dwight Clark touchdown better known to us all as ‘The Catch.’ Brent immediately pledged that he would name his first born son after Dwight Clark to the room of college buddies.

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Ashley Fortyniners McNally


I do voluntary work for Mrs. Murphy and she is 83 years young…

My Counselor called and said I had to see her asap to discuss my student loans. In a rush I left my gear at Mrs. Murphy’s and while I was gone, she secretly made a pattern of my scrub… she was a seamstress for 50 years. This was about 3 months ago, throughout that time she searched then purchased this VERY rare red 49ers fabric and even though she has severe Arthritis in her hands, made this 49ers scrub from scratch.

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