This group of 49ers we say goodbye, how different will they look next year?

By Bryan Bauer

This year was all suppose to be about the revenge tour, when you get to the super bowl like the San Francisco 49ers did last year, the expectation is going to be so high, that anything but winning a ring would be failure to the players and the entire organization.

When you loose players for the season that are you’re biggest playmakers , Nick Bosa, Dee Ford, Richard Sherman,Weston Richburg, then after week eight you loose your best player in George Kittle and your player suppose to be running your offense in Jimmy Garoppolo, the season looks very bleak and at the half way point in the season the fans are asking what is next for the team?

Jimmy Garoppolo finished up his fourth year with the 49ers going back on injured reserve, after missing two games this year with a high ankle sprain, he reinjured his ankle again and now it now could be more of a serious injury and may need surgery .

Kyle Shanahan really had question with his quarterback going back to last year, coming off a ACL tear the year before, he never saw his QB he acquired since then. There was talks about a possible Tom Brady taking over team but those conversations never got serious .Kyle has always had reasons for each move he has made but the acquiring of Jimmy was one of them that was a quick reaction and one you feel he never really wanted to do but a decision had to be made quickly.

Jimmy will not be the QB of the 49ers in 2021 and there will be a new player behind center that will most likely is not on this roster now, Patriots do have some interest of bringing back Jimmy to New England and most people that are aware of the situation that is exactly what both sides want . When the 49ers trade Jimmy we will save 24.1 million on the cap after paying Jimmy signing bonus that we owe him.

Dee Ford has continued to not get on the field healthy since early last year. He was half the player we needed in the super bowl and this year, it was first reported it was a neck issue and then they found out it was his back pain once again. All whispers we are hearing is he will not be able to play football anymore and at the end of the season he will announce his retirement. When a player retires you owe that player his signing bonus which is 4.8 million for 2021. The team will add 15.9 million to their cap with Dee Ford situation.

The name to replace Jimmy is a couple players in the league , Sam Darnold from the Jets who is owed 9.8 million in 2021 and a UFA in 2022 .Daniel Jones would be a surprise one but if they land one of the top 2 picks they would most likely go with Justin Fields from Ohio State with the second pick. This would be most likely for a 2nd round pick. The other option depending where the 49ers draft would be the freak and gun slinger Trey Lance from North Dakota State , He can do what jimmy has issues with , very strong arm , very accurate down the field and is a very mobile QB that can throw the football 70 yards flat footed and yes there has been some comparison to the guy that plays in KC . Then last but he is a legit NFL starter is Zach Wilson from BYU. In this case I would see them having Nick Mullens stick around for a couple years until the young Qb are ready.

This year the 49ers will roll over about five million to the 2021 season and with the things happening the 49ers will be around 67 million under the cap. That is the great news, now let us look at some key guys that either they need to resign or replace for next year.

LT Trent Williams (Starter) UFA, FB Kyle Juszczyk (Starter) UFA, SCB K’waun Williams (Starter) UFA, DE Kerry Hyder (Starter) UFA, CB Jason Verrett (Starter) UFA,DT D.J Jones (Starter) UFA,  QB Nick Mullens (Starter) RFA, TE Ross Dwelley RFA, RB Jeff Wilson RFA, CB Emmannuel Mosley (Starter) RFA.

The 49ers are not expecting Richard Sherman to return to the 49ers, He most likely will retire and start his broadcasting career, Jason Verrett and Emmannuel Mosley expected to take over next year at the starting cornerback spots. The 49ers will add one as well in this year draft.

This was the year to win with this group, the window should never close to make it to the playoffs every year. However, these injuries will put a stop to any future roster going forward.

49ers stand up to the challenge vs Rams

By: Bryan Bauer  

The San Francisco 49ers came into this game on life support after getting blown out by the Miami Dolphins last week. Never thought after going to the Super Bowl last year we would see the 49ers have a losing record. As we went into this game, we were looking at 2-3 team that has been hobbled with injuries. Players like Nick Bosa, Dee Ford, Richard Sherman, Kwon Alexander, Tevin Coleman, K’waun Williams, Soloman Thomas all out or on injured reserve this game did not look good.

We talked about the offensive line that has blown assignments through the first five games and there was no continuity before tonight. They had to face the best defense they will face all year long. Aaron Donald should scare any offensive lineman ,Daniel Brunskill took care of him all game long and then when needed , Ben Garland would help chip him and it was just a different feel to tonight game . They wanted to make sure Jimmy ankle would not get any worse and for the first time all year they allowed 0 sacks. Hopefully, this grows into the games coming up.

We just wrote a story on Jimmy Garoppolo if he was the answer to run this offense and at least for tonight the answer was yes. Kyle Shanahan came up with a great game plan to make sure Jimmy got rid of the ball quickly and the short pass game and it helped the 49ers dominate this entire first half of the game and into the second half .

They took a big chance on the fourth downplay inside the Rams 40-yard line and completed a slant pattern that George Kittle took to the house. This was the 49ers we remember of last year and who knows maybe this is exactly what they needed to get them rolling again.

The difference of the defense was having Jason Verrett playing at such a high level and finally getting back Emmanuel Mosley to play the other side of the corner back spots. When you really do not have a pass rush and great cornerback coverage this will make the quarterback hold it for a second more then he wants to and mess up there timing. That is exactly what happened tonight, and it felt good to get a win and the first win at Levi stadium.

Deebo Samuel was the dagger of this game from a jet sweep touchdown, to a third down jet sweep that put the game away for good with him knocking players over like empty water bottles.

There is still a lot they can work on and hopefully with getting some players back every week it will help the coaching staff back to their winning ways.

Next Up: New England Patriots (2-3) Away @ 1:25 PM this Sunday

49ers vs Cowboys Recap!

Oct 2, 2016; Santa Clara, CA, USA; San Francisco 49ers quarterback Blaine Gabbert (2) throws a pass against the Dallas Cowboys during the first quarter at Levi's Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports
Oct 2, 2016; Santa Clara, CA, USA; San Francisco 49ers quarterback Blaine Gabbert (2) throws a pass against the Dallas Cowboys during the first quarter at Levi’s Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports


Well, that was a rough Sunday, to say the least. The game seemed like it was going to go the way of the 49ers and before you could blink, everything changed.

What went wrong? Where do the Niners go from here?

Good Start

Everything seemed to be clicking on Sunday in the first half as the 49ers were able to keep the Cowboys from scoring and got up 14-0 after two good drives.

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