Carolina Takeover!

Another successful takeover by the “Spartans of the Niner Empire”. 1-12-14_9



As Dave Kahn, 49er Tailgate CEO explains how it’s done.

1-12-14_11Planning: Google maps and hours of studying the parking lots from satellite pics:) I love technology… because of it we literally had a 20 foot wall behind us we all went up to and razzed panther tailgates below us.. it was crazy fun… 49er Tailgate CEO in effect…. PLAN PLAN PLAN




OH and show up to the lot FIRST (4:40am) so you beat.. WHICH I DID, a Panthers strong hold bus that I found out later that day is ALWAYS in the spot I picked and they were like… “where did you people come from?” “we always have that spot”.



Dr. York made an appearance and personally handed Game Day Rally Towels out to a HUGE group of us.. he was in the middle shoulder to shoulder… big props to our Co-Chairman for getting down with the peeps in the lot, VISITORS LOT!!!!


March to the stadium:

After Game:


RED FOG, Tailgate Edition, Spartans, NC Triad and R&G Boosters united and man was it fun… especially when 1,000’s of panthers fans left the stadium and we were very willing to welcome them back to their cars!

Till Next Time: