Ahloe Family – Raisin Em Right

Tila_e_450Washington State – Residing deep inside Seahawks country Tila Toaetolu and her husband Taalo Ahloe (aka ‘Tee’) are some true diehard parents “Raisin’ Em Right”. Their kids Heleina Ahloe, Tanielu Ahloe (aka ‘Lil Tee’) and Christopher Ahloe never waiver no matter how many hawks fans surround them in their day to day lives.

Tila_aRecently when it was “Wear your Seahawks gear to school” day, it was a no brainer! Words can’t describe the pride of the Niner Empire when they see this picture Heleina… You’re Awesome!!!


Always Representing

When their son and his cousin were playing Jr. football last year and they would all show up in their niner gear…


Imagine the looks they would get being that they live in WA state. “O’well it didn’t bother us none”, says Tila laughing


Tila_c_bEvery Sunday this is what we do…We call it Niner church day!…Any day our Niners play it’s a church day for us!

Red & Gold – Forever Faithful


We’ve been residing in WA for the past 12 yrs and never not once have we ever waiver from being true die hard Niners…We have raised our children to rep that Red&Gold not only to be a proud fan but to truly appreciate the Niners history and how far our Niners have come. And to never lose FAITH! – Tila