TNE Org Basics


TNE Org – is an organized structure established in 2006 rooted from AJ’s original “Empire” movement which he originated as a Faithful and Diehard fan from 2005.

Our key founding principles stem from the importance of operating strictly as a not for profit and abiding by a zero tolerance for egos policy. With these crucial factors in place we are enabled to genuinely focus on creating the best fan community and fan experiences for our fellow fans. 


Represent With Class  – It’s our past, our present and it’s up to us to make it our future.

Raise Em Right:

For our next generations, whether through the worst seasons or winning ones, we stay humble and treat both fellow and opposing fans with kindness and respect. It’s who we’ve been and by our example will continue to be.

TNE Org Hierarchy and Structure:

Chapters – Upon completion of our application process, each group receives their own official Seal with which they proudly represent under TNE Org and it’s core principles. Every Chapters main goal is to facilitate the best possible fan experience for their fellow members. This includes  and together they do their part for their local communities.

TNE Members – Enjoy the fan experience along with other diehards in the safety and comfort of a like minded community organization.

TNE Org International – Focuses on bringing together and connecting our global community of fans, by overcoming borders and languages to create the best overall fan experiences. Relationships built here inspire future generations

Empire Row – is strictly a Levi’s stadium Tailgate that is separate from Chapters. It was originally built with handpicked award-winning Candlestick Tailgaters to create a home base for all fans to celebrate together and on game day. Keeping in line with our core principles, this includes opposing teams’ fans 

Levi’s South – Like Empire Row, is separate from Chapters but originated and headquartered at Saloon Squad. Like Empire Row, it creates a home base for fans to celebrate our annual game in our team’s rival city.

All these brands operate under TNE Org and our Official Seal.

TNE Org Seal – represents a trusted fan culture/family that looks out for our fellow fans and their best interests first. The Seal is also used to signify trusted groups, venues and events that have been vetted to adhere to TNE Org’s core guiding principles.

Needless to say, across the board, all of them are very successful fan community experiences.

With over a decade of experience we can proudly say, we’ve built the most organized fan base ever