About TNE Membership

All 49er fans are the Niner Empire!!!

Taking care of our own!!!
Bill Walsh and his 49ers raised us… Eddie DeBartolo, Joe Montana and the entire 49er organization taught us to represent with class. We grew up under their tutor-ledge without them even realizing it. The goal of The Niner Empire Organization is to never let that be forgotten. As new generations of 49er fans grow up whether it’s with or without spectacular seasons. The one thing that will remain constant is this family will “Represent with Class” for generations to come.

Membership – How it came about
The original intention of the Niner Empire website was to connect 49er fans from around the world. Soon fans were asking how they could join the Niner Empire. The general answer was, “If you’re a 49er fan you’re already a part of the Niner Empire”. It was obvious they wanted more. As Chapters/Clubs developed it became one part of the solution but there were still too many fans feeling left out.

When the idea of Membership started being floated around, we decided it would have to be above and beyond a simple membership. The goal would be to take care of the fan base and help enhance the fan experience as best as we can.

The idea started out with a personalized ID card for members. We reached out to many businesses including the 49er Organization about giveaways for the fans/members. We found out quickly how painfully frustrating it would be to sustain a model that’s continuously asking for giveaways. This realization put us to work on finding the best solution.

The Answer – Put Community and Fans first
A self sustaining not for profit model which gives back to the community while enhancing the fan experience year around. Proceeds would go to charity and outreach plus we could purchase the giveaways and prizes ourselves. This felt perfect so we went to work on it.

Always keeping the individual fan experience at the forefront we spent over a year developing and fine tuning it. We have locked in some key partners to provide benefits such as travel, rentals, etc. and have more exciting ones waiting in the wings. They include discounts from major retail and restaurant chains as well as smaller businesses from all walks of life.

Really exciting stuff for a fan base to take care of their own. Truly going where no fan base has gone before and really mean it when we say, “NOBODY HAS IT BETTER THAN US”.

49ers Notified
I notified the 49ers Organization with the full details about this months before the launch. When speaking with them they agreed it would be a great way to enhance the fan experience and look forward to building a long term relationship with us at TNE Organization.

We are excited to be able to launch it during Levi Stadium’s inaugural season and take this to where no fan base has gone before!

This Membership is not mandatory but there are some really cool reasons to take advantage of it.

Membership includes your personalized ID Card and Decal

Membership Proceeds go to our Community Give Back Fund

Membership Benefits
Include Exclusive Member Travel Site, Travel Discounts, Prizes & Giveaways including Game Tickets. For more details: www.theninerempire.com/membership

Feedback has been amazing and we can’t wait to announce so much more still in the pipeline.

Perfect Gift
It’s a great present for yourself and any 49er fan you know. We hope you take advantage of this special offer while it lasts.

Here’s to taking this fan base to where no fan base has gone before!


The Niner Empire Organization