49ers VS Seahawks Week 17 Gathering

The 49ers vs Seahawks was another exercise in futility for the 49ers fan. Losing the game was bad enough, but not one time did the 49ers sack Russell Wilson. Also the 49ers made those critical mistakes that you just can’t make that lost that game for us.

The 49ers did their typical start out fast, and slow down to a fizzle. The Hawks patiently awaited for the early in the game energy to cool off, and slid by the 49ers to win by just a couple of points. 49ers fans from all over the world called in today to voice their opinions at this, of our team dropping both Trent Baalke, and Chip Kelly. We are now an angry, and numb fanbase wondering what will the administrators of the team we love so much do to repair a broken Empire….