49ers vs Saints Predictions & Fans Express Feelings Toward Trent Baalke

Trent Baalke is the unanimous favorite as the top 49ers villain right now! The New Orleans Saints, and Drew Brees is also of concern. 49er fans want to know when will we see real Chip Kelly football explode out at Levis and on our TV screens?! What we are seeing now seems to be more of the players in the Kelly classroom more than dynamic football.

The underlining fact is that the Saints shouldn’t be difficult for the 49ers especially at home with the way their season is going, which is much like that of the 49ers.
Can the 49ers clean up the mistakes to improve their chances of winning in the second half of the season?
Should we believe in Aaron Lynch? Are the 49ers one of the best teams in the NFL? Click on in, answers to these questions and more.Finally this week, a preview from Jose Santana’s latest release “KINGS OF THE TAILGATE “ featuring a track entitled “Letter to Jed” which features solo performance from The Niner Empire princess, and up and coming star Anjali. Click on in fam! I kkkknnnnooowwww you gonna dig this!