49ers Vs Rams Review & Week 17 Seahawks Game Predictions

Here we are, this is it 49ers fans, it’s Seahawks time, and we’ve come to a merciful end to a season that most of us can’t even wait for it’s cruel finish. Why in the world does the last contest have to be against the team that Colin Kaepernick has had the worst trouble with for the past 3 years? The schedule makers may have been thinking that the 49ers were possibly going to be in position to battle it out with the Hawks, and it may come down to a winner takes all final game? Ha! Well the Hawks took the division with one of the worst teams they’ve fielded in a long time. They in turn will be killed in the first round of the playoffs. At least we can feel all warm and snuggly about that.

Meanwhile Wyatt from Hawaii joins me today to discuss the Rams win, and the general feeling that it was a foolish win. The name Trent Baalke entered the conversation as it is common, and very much in fashion to “Bash a Baalke” as often as possible as he has been chosen by 49ers fans as most likely to be fired this season. Do you believe that the players love Chip Kelly? We can help you with that. Will that factor determine Chip Kelly’s fate with the organization?

The two 49ers fans involved in this conversation have made predictions on the finale game coming up at Levis stadium. click on in and see if you agree…