49ers vs Rams celebration fan gathering!

Could be the most stunning win in years because the 49ers unlike last season won that game with and authority, and there was no doubt about it. This was a total domination even above last year’s start over the Vikings…
There is still, and will continue to be the argument of Blaine Gabbert starting over Kap… Alas a few gave Gabbert some praises. We saw some bad throws from Gabbert, but there were also cheers for some of his good throws. Concerns about the dropped passes came up…
Everybody wants to know what in thee hell was with the conservative play in the 3rd quarter that saw the 49ers go a bit soft on offense? That everybody also agrees has to stop!
There are some concerns over Carlos Hyde running the ball. We just hope he can last a full season. We just aren’t a complete team without him.
The defense, the defense, the defense! OOoohhhh did we talk about that defense!
Click on in it’s a victory party of the 1st game of the season for the winning #49ers!