49ers VS Patriots Postgame Week 11 Gathering!

The 49ers vs Patriots ended as predicted, as the rain fell on Eddie Debartolo’s day of Hall of fame recognition was the halftime program. Also in attendance for the event, the 49ers legends of the game, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Steve Young, Dwight Clark, Roger Craig and various family members sat in horror watching the Patriots hang loss no.9 in a row on the now lowly 49ers who can’t seem to buy a victory.

Colin Kaeperinick didn’t have a bad game but there was little growth from his performance from last week. In this weeks fan gathering there is a lot of speculation on Kap;s playing style, and his future with the 49ers. I suspect that each week between now, and end of the season we’ll be nailing Trent Baalke to a cross as he is being held fully responsible for the 49ers failings. Will Chip Kelly continue to coach the 49ers next season if the team should go 1-15?
If you’re a 49ers fan with suicidal tendencies I’m not sure if you should actually watch this video….