49ers VS Panthers Postgame Gathering

It was another packed fan gathering but this time we are wondering this week about several mistakes the were made. One thing is clear however and that is Antoine Bethea has got to take a break and allow Tartt more time. When Greg Olson raced by Bethea and he appeared confused and disoriented it became clear that he may think about retirement.

Gabbert was under heavy attack, as usual, and it’s time to put Kaepernick in.
At the same time everyone is wondering why Chip Kelly won’t expand on the playbook. When the Panthers took away the run he didn’t have a plan B?

The schedule is a mystery as well. How do the 49ers get scheduled to play Monday night to be immediately followed by a game on the east coast the following Sunday?

There are complaints a plenty with not many answers but the #49erEmpire came together for a group hug. We are still 1 and 1 and we know this season is not going to resemble last season! Bring on the Hawks!

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