49ers VS Jets Week 14 Gathering!

The 49ers vs Jet was a game the 49ers almost won. Carlos Hyde was on fire. Colin Kaepernick couldn’t miss a pass in the first quarter, and missed maybe twice in the entire first half. 49ers fans were poised for victory. Was this the one? Would this game finally stop the bleeding of an 11 game skid?

Absolutely not, and 49ers fans are livid as we go over this game with a fine tooth comb trying to find something of what was witnessed to grasp as an explanation for the complete meltdown of yet another 49ers loss in the second half of a game that could have, and should have been won.

Chip Kelly’s name is brought under extreme criticism for his play calling on numerous occasions. A huge number of 49ers fans want to see him excused at this point, believing that it is his brand of football that is a failure. The 49ers wide receivers are being condemned, and the defense with the exception of Jimmie Ward, Rashard Robinson, and Deforest Buckner are catching some heavy criticism. The 49ers have 3 grueling games to go. Will they win one? Few in the Niner Empire believe this year will not end at 1-15.