49ers Vs Jets Review & Week 15 Atlanta Falcons Game Predictions

Fear comes to mind when you think about the 49ers having to face the Falcons here in week 15, especially in the condition the NiNERS are currently in having yet another important member of the team go down from the offensive line besides Joe Staley. Now Daniel Kilgore crashes and burns.

The most positive 49ers fans with optimism beyond belief aren’t even picking the 49ers to have even a slight chance of beating the Falcons in Atlanta. Meanwhile the thought of tanking games is picking up steam in the 49ers community. Jed York, and Trent Baalke have become bigger villains than Snidely Whiplash, and Oil can Harry. 49ers fans have had all they can stand from the duo.

Also what is up with the 49ers in the second half of every game this season? And… If you were the owner of an NFL franchise would it make business sense to take on Colin Kaepernick given his current agenda and how it is being perceived by a lot of cities in America?

Click on in fam, it’s not all bad news. If there is one thing that you can depend on with Ronbo Sports is that there will always be a few laughs. Besides MC NiNER shows up in this installment and he is in a great mood too…

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