49ers Vs Dolphins Review & Week 13 Chicago Bears Game Predictions

The 49ers vs Bears has been anticipated for awhile now as a 49ers win. The funny thing is you can bet that the Bears have the 49ers circled on their calendar in Chicago that the 49ers is a Bears win! The Bears have every right to believe they are right too! The Chicago club has 2 victories on this God awful season while the 49ers are begging for win no.2.

However this is a game of who has the most healthy players? Both teams are missing front line players. The advantage may lean towards the 49ers slightly because Jay Cutler is on the IR with back up Matt Barkley under center vs the veteran Colin Kaepernick orchestrating the 49ers offensive. Kaepernick seems to be gaining momentum as he grasp, and executes Kelly’s system better each week since he took over for Blaine Gabbert several weeks ago. This biggest implications of this game impact the 2017 draft order. The 49ers are currently holding the no.2 position in the draft with a 1-10 record. The Bears are a 1 game better on the season with a 2-9 record.
The question is in this game what is more important, the higher draft pick at no.2 or the pride that accompanies victory? Well find out shortly. Ronbo Sports enjoys the company of Texas #49ersfaithful Michael as we discuss what has gotten into Colin Kaepernick and is causing hime to excel. Draft picks are a part of this discussion and what players would bring the biggest impact to a roster that needs so much. One ideal would be Myles Garrett in the first round, and Christian McCaffrey in the second round. Operation replenish the 49ers is underway!
Thanks Michael, for joining Ronbo Sports for a good time talking 49ers football!