49ers VS Bills Week 6 Gathering!

This game welcomed back the return of Colin Kaepernick but the defense took the day off, and left Kaepernick and the 49ers offense all on there own. Colin had a nice first half with a touch down pass to Torrey Smith, and some nice plays that included Quninton Patton. Kaepernick’s production seemed to run out of steam in the second half, but was partially expected after having been out for nearly a year. Fans again assemble after a dismal performance matching the Buffalo Bills and the San Francisco 49ers, that ended in an eventual 49ers loss . Most of us agree that it was a game that would have been better to have ended at the half.

49ers fans filed into the days online meeting with little to give appreciation to, and for the 5th week in a row the anger, and rage continues. We all realize that LeSean McCoy is a great running back. However if this game is any indication as to how great he actually is, he will be inducted into the hall of fame sometime next week.
The 49ers have a lot to attend to, and one includes adding personnel to a team that is need for so much. On we go to week 7…