49ers vs Bills Review & Week 7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Game Predictions

Last week has to be discussed just a bit further if for no other reason than to get upset again. Colin Kaepernick started that game but LeSean McCoy finished it in evil fashion. Tyron Taylor was of no mercy, as he wouldn’t follow the rules of engagement properly either! Jesus Christ he ran the ball too!

The word on the NFL streets now are run on the 49ers! You can run all day on that defense. Right there is where the discussion picks up steam of the type you see coming off a #49ersfans head when talking about Trent Baalke! That same name is one of the reasons to be delighted this week with Lisa DeBartolo’s tweet of “Jed York has to go”.
Now here come the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Can we beat them? Is that even possible? Who is this Jacquizz Rodgers? Is he going to run all over the 49ers too? How about that Bucs defense? Maybe we can pass and rush on them a bit too! Join JT Magnum on Ronbo Sports for the kind of conversation you need going into this week 7 of NFL 2016.