49ers VS Bears Week 13 Gathering!

The 49ers vs Bears and here we go again! Colin Kaepernick ends up getting benched while Matt Barkley of whom nobody knows looks like an all pro in this game and the 49ers fans are pissed! Kaepernick was in for 3 quarters, and completed 1 pass out of 5 attempts for 4 yards and was clearly shaken up.

The defense… What defense? Usually even when the front line defense isn’t doing well the secondary is making plays right? Not on this day. The NinerEmpire is not happy in this vid, and between cutting up Chip Kelly’s play calling and Trent Balk’s play calling today the rage is vicious. Be prepared for an emotionally charged argument over Tony Romo being suggested as a temporary vet quarterback to take over next season as it is suggested that the #49ers draft a QB in the 2017 draft to be the future of the franchise.

Oh yeah! If you’re an angry 49er fan right now you will definitely be able to relate to this vid! Good lord what happened to the 49ers? Got schooled by one of the weakest Bears teams in years? Oh hell no!!!

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