49ers Vs Bears Review & Week 14 New York Jets Game Predictions

The 49ers vs Jets game is coming up at a point in this 2016 season that will be a game where the players are playing to impress the coaching staff more than anything else. This is that game involving 2 teams that are looking to also gain high positioning in the 2017 draft. Meanwhile Ronbo Sports reaches out to a 49er faithful residing in New Jersey which is hostile territory for 49ers fans!

We go over the Bears game and try to understand what happened to the 49ers that played vs the Cardinals and Dolphins. Was it the weather in Chicago, or were the 49ers just outplayed period? We came up with some excuses you might appreciate as a 49ers fan. While trying to soothe our tormented red-n-gold souls over that matter we contemplated how exciting this offseason is going to be for the 49ers with all that has to be done to heal this sick team.

Tune on in 49er fan, you are guaranteed to first be entertained, and secondly encouraged as I always insist!