49ers Sign CB K’Waun Williams

Everything John Lynch does this season is going to be graded. K’Waun Williams is his first selection, and the first question was, who? LOL I gave a B+ on this selection I’ll explain if you’re still confused in the vid. You do realize we may not need as much help on defense as most think? Last year’s defense may have exposed the fact that the 49ers probably should have moved from the 3-4 defense as soon as all those super star defenders left. The 49ers have 4-3 players through out the roster.

Don’t worry about Deforest Buckner, and Arik Armstead either. John Lynch has plans he is handing down the chain of command on them too. Things are looking good fam! The team still needs a couple more of them 300lbs of mean man type. Of course the quarterback drama is building as Kirk Cousins is just carrying on like a man who will be granted his wishes or Washington will have to give him up. Will the 49ers be there to welcome him with open arms? Also 49ers faithful Timmy V joins the program today to share his desired additions from both free agency and the draft. this show is so 49ers Red-n-Gold it’s ridiculous! Click on in!