49ers Revenge Tour changed to The Rehab Tour in 2020

By: Bryan Bauer

The 49ers received the kickoff and on the first play. The simple toss play that Raheem Mostert took went 80 yards. The 49ers where up 7-0 and it was going to be a long day for the New York Jets. The next drive the 49ers had Raheem takes another pitch and goes 65 yards for another touchdown. Then the yellow flag was called on one of the biggest bone head plays by right tackle Mike McGlinchey. The naked eye it was a hold that if he would not have held him Mostert would of ran past the player.

The third downplay is where the rehab tour began. Jimmy Garoppolo drops back, and Quinton Williams hit the back of Jimmy ankle and then another player landed on top of him. Both could have been called for penalty’s as you cannot dive at the back of a QB leg and when a QB knee are down you can’t tackle him again. This resulted in a high ankle sprain and even though this happened on second series of game. Jimmy gutted out the first half and was having a great game at the time. He led them to two touchdown drives that ended up to two touchdown passes to Jordan Reed before third quarter came and the ankle tighten up and Nick Mullens had to come in and finish game.

The preseason with all the no OTA and not having all the snaps these players normally get is starting to show its ugly head. The other issue is the stadium just put in new turf and even in warmups. The players where complaining that the field was sticky and was an issue.

The worse news came when Nick Bosa, the best player on the field every game was pass rushing and his knee got bent back and had to be carted off. Two plays later we see Solomon Thomas was laying on the field and he also had to be carted back to the locker room. Unfortenly both players believed to have torn ACL injury .Monday they will have an MRI to confirm these injury , however if the 49ers DR are correct they both will have surgery this week and it is a six to nine month recovery time .Bosa has had this done back in high school.

Then we also found out that Raheem Mostert also had an inflammation in his knee, so he was to also be taken out of the game. When you lose three of your four big part of the team like the 49ers did today. This is something you do not replace but try to put a bandage around and hope your guys can come together as a team. This doesn’t even mention you have George Kittle, Richard Sherman , Dee Ford , Deebo Samuel all injured at the same time .

We can sit here and say these players are getting hurt because the corona virus, normal preseason, peace of crap field that both teams lost players on today. Just maybe we must ask that it is not just our team but with all the injuries around the league. Should the NFL players and the league even have a season with all these injuries?

The 49ers win this game 31-13 but does anyone even care? I do not!