49ers Mock Draft Picks 2017 – Ronbo Sports Red & Gold GM EP 6

The Red & Gold GM show puts 49ers fans in the position of the GM to draft the players that they believe will help to propel the 49ers to the next level. Todays auditioning duo GM’s are Michael Balcezak and Teran Lewis who will present their respective choices from the upcoming 2017 draft, and give detailed reasons as to how, and why they’ve chosen the players that could potentially be the stars of the debut of Kyle Shanahan era in San Francisco.

Join in today as the show airs Mar 11 live at 7PM PST on Ronbo Sports Youtube. We want you to be the judge of our GM’s of the day. Click on to your Ronbo Sports app and rate our GM’s. After each GM presentation is finished we’ll attack them like any raging media conference would! LOL Any questions you have, they have to be prepared to answer! After the show we’ll want to find out if you want to be in the GM seat next!