49ers Fans Weekly: John Lynch, Kyle Shanahan Search For DC & Is Myles Garrett Serious?

Tom Rathman is no longer with the 49ers. We understand why but it doesn’t ease the pain of the goodbye. Draft picks and Free Agency, and the endless opinions that subject draws dominates today 49ers fans gathering. We don’t have a defensive coordinator, and but a few suggestions were offered.

It is appreciated however that the 49ers are considering bringing on duel defensive leaders with different strengths in SD LB coach Robert Saleh and Falcons passing game coordinator Jerome Henderson. The intelligence just keeps on coming out of Santa Clara.

Meanwhile the question of can the team make the switch from the 3-4 to the 4-3, and are there any advantages to that? Myles Garrett received mixed reviews over his antics of a day ago lobbying for a position with the Dallas Cowboys.

Oh hell yes, you need to click on into this vid 49ers fam, we are speaking your language!