49ers Fans Weekly: Draft Preview Browns It’s Myles Garrett vs Mitchell Trubisky! 49ers Wait

John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan are in an ideal position to draft Myles Garrett if the Browns cannot make up their mind! You better believe this rumor has legs. If the Browns want Mitchell Trubisky they just about have to take him with their number one pick. Trubisky will not get past the Bears. Trubisky has shown enough to be seen by a majority of analyst as the best talent to go to the next level in the draft. He will never make it to pick 12. Meanwhile rumors are stirring that the Browns may be in the mood to trade with the #49ers for that second pick in order to take Garrett rather than sacrifice him for Mitchell Trubisky. Don’t you love this insanity? What are you thinking is about to unfold as we are coming down to that sudden trade up or down time! Lets talk Niner fam!

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