49ers Draft 2017 – Solomon Thomas Or Deshaun Watson?

Solomon Thomas, Deshaun Watson, Reuben Foster, who will it be? Is there a possibility that Fournette could sneak into the plans and shock the entire 49ers fanbase? Analyst are adding Mitchell Trubisky to the list of 49ers needs even though it has quieted down about him. Malik Hooker, and Jamal Adams? All kinds of reasons to add them to a roster that needs so, so, many upgrades.

Whats interesting this season is that fanbase is starting to split as far as being in love with the best defensive lineman like Thomas, and the constant crying about grabbing a lockdown cornerback is not as unanimous as it has been for the past three seasons. Now you will hear the names of Mike Wiliams, Corey Davis, Christian McCaffery, Fournette, and Watson. It’s a good thing. To be powerfully balanced on offense and defense makes you immediately eligible for the Super Bowl. This vid is all over that San Francisco matter.