49ers 2017 Roster Predictions : Will Reuben Foster & Aaron Lynch Play Opening Day?

The media insist that Reuben Foster is not healing properly and is doomed to miss the season. Meanwhile Aaron Lynch is 20LBS overweight. Would the 49ers really fire him for that? Both subjects are open for debate, and debate them we will.
How about Vegas? Do they truly believe that they are going to get away with clowning the 49ers with shameful predictions for 3 years in succession? 49ers fans have other plans, and we love explaining our positions. We’re going for the best of 5 with Vegas, since they’ve already won their sick predictions for the first 2 of 3!

Have you ever caught yourself trying to figure out Kyle Shanahan and how that incredible mind of his works? Now that he is a head coach how will his approach change now that it’s all his show?
We know how many players from last season have been wiped out. A few were starters as well. How many starters from last season will be returning this season?
We’re talking about all these matters, and more on this week’s “1 on 1”. I want to thank Teresa for sharing her insights on todays show! Brilliant takes one after another…