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San Francisco 49ers VS Seattle Seahawks Week 12 NFL 2017 Postgame Gathering

C.J. Beathard never had a chance in the finale of the 49ers vs Seahawks series. Pete Carroll was fully aware that the 49ers weren’t going to start Jimmy Garoppolo. Their preparation for the 49ers was definitely to pressure the quarterback without any reservations or caution. The Hawks front line defense led by the relentless pursuit of Michael Bennett treated C.J. like a rookie. It was if the Hawks knew every move Beathard was going to make, and were ready before it even took place, and snuffed it out.

Carlos Hyde who has been given license to brag about his success in running against the Hawks for back to back 100 yard games in the last two meetings at the Clink was unable to get on track at Levis stadium. Hyde was held to 47 yards in the ninth straight loss to the Seahawks. The combination of holding the 49ers to a total of 84 yards threw a wrench into the 49ers offensive attack plan right from the first quarter.

Defensively the 49ers opened the game with a brilliant interception of Russell Wilson by Eric Reid but outside of that opening play there were few moments to celebrate the 49ers efforts to stop Russell Wilson. The 49ers went the entire game without sacking one of the most sacked quarterbacks in the league. Wilson was in the grasp of various 49ers defenders but ran right out of their grasp and made passes that were caught for huge gains. This contest by the two teams was pretty much business as usual with the 49ers seemingly helpless from wire to wire.

C.J. Beathard was injured in this game late in the 4th quarter from a low tackle that injured a knee. Beathard had to leave the game, and was replaced by his current backup, and recent trade acquisition Jimmy Garoppolo. Garoppolo entered the game and looked like an MVP candidate running two brilliant plays in the red zone that were absolutely perfect. Garoppolo scored on the Hawks defense as if he could have been doing it all night, and with ease… One thing that game ending play by Garoppolo did was lift the spirits of the 49ers fanbase for things to come, and left a warning to the Seahawks that change is coming… This meeting today is both about disappointment, and anticipations of good things to come finally…

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