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San Francisco 49ers VS Indianapolis Colts Week 5 NFL 2017 Postgame Gathering

The 49ers are becoming dramatic with these 3pts loses in overtime!! Pierre Garcon was spectacular in this game and nobody is mad at him. Brian Hoyer is again the most unattractive target of almost every person in the Niner Empire. Hoyer has got to start seeing open receivers. It would make life a lot easier on him and us!! Todays annoyed fans would be praising him if he just would attempt to improve...

The refs came in a close second on the unappreciated chart. We can all recall every wrong flag they threw in error. Marquise Goodwin , and Pierre Garcon weren’t P.I.’d? George Kittle collected much love as he may have blown a first half TD but he made up for it the rest of the day. George looks like his rookie-ness may have worn of in this game. He took over in the second half with some determination. Niners fans are eating it up.

The comeback by the 49ers continues to give the Niner Empire hope that they are indeed coming on. The secondary is still worrisome to every last fan in the Empire. Also it finally happened… Nine rfans are in here complaining about Kyle Shanahan’s play calling… #Ninerfam we can now claim to have lost 4 games by no more than 11 points in total. It’s not helping any but this young team is still coming on. #BrickbyBrick #FaitfhfulthenFaithfulnow

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