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San Francisco 49ers VS Carolina Panthers NFL 2017 Week 1 Postgame Gathering

The 49ers started this game with Brian Hoyer hitting one reception after another. He was spreading the ball all over the field. Nobody was left out. Pierre Garcon, George Kittle, Kyle Juszyzck and Marquise Goodwin were all hauling in passes. Carlos Hyde added a couple of decent runs. However with all of that going it was being done in spite of an offensive line that was barely surviving the opening minutes of the game. The Panthers ran through the 49ers pathetic attempts to win at the line of scrimmage with a bully like authority.

As the game wore on so did the 49ers offensive line until it was obvious to the Panthers that they could impose their will on the #49ers offensive line at will. Soon the secondary didn’t struggle to stay with the 49ers receivers as Hoyer was under extreme pressure from all angles and every throw had to be thrown before routes were completed. The Panthers stuffed the 49ers attempts to establish any attempt to run as the offensive line continued to be humiliated by the Panthers command of the trenches.

The blame is mainly being placed on Hoyer since he is the quarterback, while many see the offensive line being the biggest problem. The day has ended with the 49ers losing game one of the 2017 season. One thing is for sure. The 49ers coaching staff will have plenty of film to use as teaching tools for the young 49ers roster.

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