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Ronbo Sports In Yo Face At Yo Place Watching 49ers VS Redskins Week 6 2017

This is a reaction video of #49ers fans enduring the 5th heartbreaking loss in a row that has been decided by 3 points or less. Game starts out typically Brian Hoyer, slow, with almost every move questionable, with a lot of stumbling by all involved. Carlos Hyde added a few runs. Also a couple of difficult passes thrown that weren’t handled well, and rinse and repeat. The Redskins and Kirk Cousins started off firing on all cylinders from the opening play of the game and scored almost immediately. The Skins offensive machine was driving the Niner Empire crazy. It was as if the game was already over early in the 1st quarter. Kyle Shanahan patiently awaited for Brian Hoyer to find a way to ignite the offense on every possession through out nearly all of the first half, only to fail over and over.

Shanahan had enough a little over midway in the second quarter, and did what nobody expected would take place until about week 11 following the bye week. Shanahan gave Brian Hoyer the early hook in the middle of the game! The C.J. Beathard era was underway. To the absolute delight of every 49ers fan witnessing the event C.J. put on an scintillating show. Beathard marched the 49ers downfield in textbook Shanahan fashion with a couple of great runs from Carlos Hyde and Matt Breida. He ended the drive stepping up into the pocket to extend the play, to find Aldrick Robinson waiting deep downfield all alone, and hit him perfectly! Robinson took it from there! Touchdown 49ers!

C.J. Beathard brought a spark to both the offense, and inspired the defense to get busy! Every week 49ers fans have been on the edge of their seats since game 2 of this 2017 season waiting for the 49ers to finally win one of these weekly close games. This game vs the Redskins has been the best yet! The 49ers are on their way to what appears to be a huge finish on this season in the second half! The team lost, but the #49ers are the best 0-6 losing team in the NFL. Those L’s are about to change to W’s and nobody in the #49ers community doubts it for a moment #Stoptheredngoldbleeding

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