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Ronbo Sports In Yo Face At Yo Place Watching 49ers VS Cowboys Week 7 2017

This is a reaction video of a tormented #49ersfan, and his 49ers following enduring the team losing it’s 7th loss in a row. The game started out with Trent Taylor fumbling inside the 30 yard line to donate 7 points! That seem to set the tone for the rest of the day! The 49ers had just opened the game by running the Cowboys off the field in a 3 and out fine fashion, only to watch that fumble turned into 7 Cowboys points.

The thing that none of the Nine rEmpire can get over is how for the second year in a row Ezekiel Elliot has torn up a couple of yards less than 150 of prime Levis Stadium real estate. Some of the best runs ever made at Levis stadium went down on this past Sunday by Elliot. Niner fans sat in horror as minute by minute the Cowboys took the 49ers apart for 4 full quarters!

Whatever negatives that are being said about the Cowboys defense will never be sold to C.J. Beathard. C.j. had to be helped up off the turf 5 times in this game. The sacks were brutal.
Meanwhile the 49ers could not launch, or sustain an offense that carried them all the way into the end zone. There were a few occasions when the 49ers were inside the 20 yard line, but were incapable of scoring 6.

Kyle was not in the mood to watch the early favorite 2917 MVP Robbie Gould convert 3 on to many occasions. the 49ers settled for nothing instead since they couldn’t convert the 3rd down!
It’s so official, the 49ers are in a full blow rebuild. NO doubt about it…

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