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Fans Reaction to 49ers Releasing NaVorro Bowman

The Niner Empire was hit with news of Navarro Bowman being released. Fans calling in aren’t at all happy with the release of Bowman, however only a few are surprised. The biggest part of the populace knew that Bowman was struggling, but most may have been surprised by the timing of the release. It seems from the reactions heard on this vid it was understood that Bowman was in his final days.

The overwhelming majority of the Niner Empire has accepted Bow’s exit, and some are even calling for his retirement. Thats where Ronbo Sports is. Bow finishing his career as a 49er is most likely the most popular desire by all of us of whom have appreciated his play as a standard of excellence that has been equalled by few. A legend has just left the building in Santa Clara…

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