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49ers Vs Chicago Bears Week 13 Game Preview NFL 2017

Jimmy Garoppolo came on last week for the 49ers vs the Seahawks game and the Niner Empire is still buzzing. The command of the offense by Garoppolo with not a single wasted down was something not seen on the San Francisco side of the NFL in years! In a little over a minute Garoppolo just outside of the 20 yard line had done what no other 49ers quarterback has been able to achieve against the Hawks in seven years of misery during the regular season. Garoppolo had just broken the drought by hitting wide receiver Louis Murphy JR for a touchdown to end the curse of having not done so with any wide receiver since 2010. Continue reading

LIVE! Fans Reaction To 49ers Naming Jimmy Garoppolo As Starter Against Bears

Jimmy Garoppolo a.k.a. “Baby Brady” will finally make his debut this Sunday against the Chicago Bears and the Niner Empire is already rallying to arms for a player that could be the leader we’ve been looking for since Jeff Garcia who last went to the pro bowl. This is an exciting announcement as Kyle has ushered in a new era of 49ers football that appears to have it’s foundation in place. The “Baby Brady” tag goes away as soon as JG takes the 49ers to the playoffs! Lets ggggooooooo!!!

San Francisco 49ers VS Seattle Seahawks Week 12 NFL 2017 Postgame Gathering

C.J. Beathard never had a chance in the finale of the 49ers vs Seahawks series. Pete Carroll was fully aware that the 49ers weren’t going to start Jimmy Garoppolo. Their preparation for the 49ers was definitely to pressure the quarterback without any reservations or caution. The Hawks front line defense led by the relentless pursuit of Michael Bennett treated C.J. like a rookie. It was if the Hawks knew every move Beathard was going to make, and were ready before it even took place, and snuffed it out. Continue reading

Ronbo Sports In Yo Face At Yo Place Watching 49ers VS Seahawks Week 12 2017

This is a reaction video that exhibits what it’s like to be a 49ers fan and his following enduring yet another loss to the Seahawks. This loss marks the ninth regular season beating in a row that dates all the way back to the 2013 season. We were excited when Eric Reid started the day off with an interception of Russell Wilson with the first play of the game. There was no way to know that play was the last moment of joy for the 49ers for just about the entire game. Continue reading

49ers Vs Seattle Seahawks Week 12 Game Preview NFL 2017

The 49ers and Seahawks have been a winning routine for Seattle for 5 straight years. In this second meeting of the year, there will be no Richard Sherman, Cliff Avril, or Kam Chancellor. The 49ers offense will be dealing with a watered down version of the Seahawks whose most intimidating weapons will be there front 7.. Will that be adequate to stop what appears to be a 49ers offense that is starting to get on track. It is not known at this hour as to who will quarterback the 49ers between C.J. Beathard or Jimmy Garoppolo on Sunday. Continue reading