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49ers Vs New York Giants Week 10 Game Preview NFL 2017

Jimmy Garoppolo is the name you hear more than ever now that the C.J Beathard led 49ers have suffered 3 sever beatings in a row even though there is plenty of blame to be shared. The mounting 49ers injuries have to take some of the responsibility. Joe Staley missed the game versus the Az Cardinals which didn’t help the offensive line any. Pierre Garçon is out due to a neck injury. Also the most glaring truth is C.J. is a “true rookie” that is going to need some time to develop.

Meanwhile the conversation around the Niner Empire is what is up with the trade Jimmy Garoppolo talk? He just got to San Francisco! It appears to be a media driven myth led by ESPN, but is it possibly true? You’ll hear a couple or perspectives on that matter in this vid. The other busy conversation is when is Jimmy G going to play? Even Kyle Shanahan’s wife wants to know!

The Giants are beatable for most teams and have been beaten furiously all season especially last week in their own house by the #RAMS. Can the 49ers handle the struggling Giants who can compare injury list with the 49ers? This is that game that a lot of people believe is the 49ers last chance to avoid a no win season. The injury riddled 49ers will face some very strong teams coming out of the bye week which is coming up after the Giants game that could be difficult.

All of these matters will be discussed, but with a smile, because we know this is the last season of doom for the 49ers!

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