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49ers VS Chiefs Postgame NFL 2017 Preseason Week 1 Gathering

49ers fans exhaled after the game was over as it resembled something out of the 2016 49ers horror season in the opening minutes. Suddenly things shifted... Matt Barkley wasn't bad and had nice form on a few plays, however... On This day C.J. Beathard is a huge hero and is being celebrated by many as the game MVP! Many of the Empire went after Rashard Robinson who had a so-so day of a couple of accomplishments but his coverage was questionable.

Kendrick Bourne got a whole lotta love and the worry is who is going to be that 6th receiver.
One thing that is for sure is that Trent Taylor that caught a lot of conversation isn’t going anywhere! That is one tough man.
The 49ers first round picks Reuben Foster, and Solomon Thomas will be in the dreams of 49ers fans all week long until the next game. We struck gold with those 1st round picks, and everybody agrees.

Is there any question that Aaron Lynch is back and ready to rock & roll?! Joe Williams, and Matt Breida did not disappoint this week, and while we were expecting them to go wild who know Raheem Mostert was going to put on a show? This is such a celebration of the first preseason game it’s ridiculous! Yes, many complained about the sloppiness, and penalty flags but we all know those flags can be fixed. The upside, and potential is there, and we can all come from under that cloud and appreciate the potential.

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