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49ers Depth Chart Vs Carolina Panthers Week 1 2017 Game Preview

The 49ers are going into week 1 Sunday of the 2017 NFL season with an absolute stud at linebacker in rookie Reuben Foster. George Kittle has premiere tight end written all over him. We’ve watched Victor Bolden Jr. take kick returns all the way to DA HOUSE not once, but twice in the span of 4 games!!!! The NFL was improved with those 3 players alone? Now add a player that people are already comparing to Wes Welker in rookie Trent Taylor.

Suddenly last years 49ers debacle appears to be nothing more than a nasty memory about to be forgotten. And can you not just wait to see how Kyle Shanahan has plans on using Kyle Juszczyk? How many different ways can Marquise Goodwin be used now that the 49ers coaching staff is erasing the myth that he is only meant for offensive strategies requiring high speed ?This first game of the season is not unanimously favored to be won by the Panthers. Several betting houses disagree, as does Heath Evans of the NFL network. Are you ready for that?! These matters, and more are the topic of conversation as we are about to see the debut of “The New Niners” 2017.

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