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49ers 2017 Training Camp Positional Group Ratings

The defensive line includes Arik Armstead, DeForest Buckner, Earl Mitchell, and currently Tank Carradine with first round draft pick Solomon Thomas nipping at his heels to take what may be his rightful place. Yet we judge the offensive line as being inferior because they can’t stop that wrecking crew on a daily basis! It’s a wonderful problem!

There is one positional group that everything has been settled and it is for certain that right now this is Brian Hoyer’s team and he runs it like it is. All the 49ers receivers are benefitting from both his familiarity with the genius of Kyle Shanahan’s system. Hoyer’s touch is rewriting Marquise Goodwin’s career.

Also does anyone wonder how Matt Breida is going to be placed in a few weeks, whether it be the final 53, the practice squad or cut? These subjects, and more are being discussed at length on Ronbo Sports with special guest C McCarver jr.

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